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Sophia Maroon, the founder of Dress it Up dressing, is the bomb dot com! LOL! She has the most delicious, healthy dressings for salads, marinades, dipping or if you are are like Susanna, just drinking! Give an assortment as a fun and healthy holiday gift! Use the promo code PREVENTCANCER for 15% off!

One Hope’s award-winning wine starts at their Vineyard in Napa Valley, California. Their commitment to quality and overall excellence is reflected not only in the wines they produce, but also in their mission to help and serve the community.

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Caroline’s Cakes began as a family business, when Caroline Ragsdale Reutter served her famous caramel cake at her son’s christening. Recognizing the value of food and its importance in bringing people together, Caroline’s Cakes was born. We love the idea of sending a holiday cake as a gift!