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Gogo has achieved much success, including designing gifts for the Atlanta Olympics, having her work featured in two presidential collections, and being a TEDx speaker. She has three galleries, located in Martha’s Vineyard, St. Simmons Island, and her home, Cumberland Island. We love her cuffs and bangles!

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Founded by Madeline Fraser, Gemist puts the power of design into the hands of the customer. The brand takes tremendous pride in their sustainability efforts, using ethically sourced materials and responsible business practices. Create custom stackable rings or hoop earrings! 

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Sheryl uses stones with healing properties of the ocean and mountain to create unique, edgy pieces. They can be dressed up or down, adding a stunning pop of color to any outfit. We love the Mr. Lowe bracelets!


Janet Gregg’s career in design covers many different mediums, including art, interiors, flowers, and her jewelry line, Janet Gregg, LTD. She began the line in 2002, with a move down South to Charleston, South Carolina.

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Meg Carter was inspired to start Meg Carter Designs after creating a stunning piece of jewelry using a string of pearls and a hermit crab shell her son found on a family vacation.  The pearl bracelets are beautiful!  Please enter the promo code PREVENTCANCER for 15% off!

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Inspired by her love of gemstones, her brand uses natural materials and combines both age-old and modern techniques to create stunning necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more. Her "breast cancer necklace" in rose gold is so beautiful. Perfect stocking stuffer!


Jaimie Nicole has gained popularity for her fun and fabulous personalized bracelets – Susanna got her friend group (The Wobbles) all beaded bracelets for Christmas.  Shhhh!  She has such whimsical designs which are priced reasonably but fit right in next to a Cartier watch!  Use the promo code preventcancer for 5% off her super designs! 


Inspired by the phenomenal nature of the gems themselves, Elizabeth's approach to designing custom pearl jewelry focuses on the wearer. Her multi-gem pearl necklaces are gorgeous and a wonderful splurge gift. Use the promo code PREVENTCANCER for 10% off!